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Hunting on 37,066 acres

The RL-Farm encompasses approx. 15,000 ha, on which over 20 game species live.
These include wildebeest, oryxes, impalas and springboks. For you, as a hunter, discovering them is an exciting experience, just as it is for your companion “armed” only with a camera.


Bow hunting in Namibia is based on an old tradition. Practiced by most native communities, the best known is probably that of the Kalaharibou people, who traditionally hunted with poisoned arrows.
Bowhunting in its modern form was legalized for the first time in 1997 and is therefore a fairly recent development. 
Due to the Namibian environment, the game species and the seasonal changes in the vegetation, bowhunting places the highest demands on the skills and ethical behavior of the hunter.

For bow hunting you need your personal equipment.


Talk to us about this.

A paradise for hunters

Whether sitting, stalking game, rifle or bow: The farm is a paradise for hunters! The shootings are subject to officially set quotas, which sustainably support the animal stock. You will be accompanied and supported by experienced guides with special hunting vehicles. We will take care of your trophies in a professional manner. Our  Q & A has additional information about the trophies.

A farm for connoisseurs

After an eventful day’s hunting, you can relax by the pool under the African sun with a drink, surrounded by unfamiliar tranquillity. You can observe animals which pass by within sight. You will enjoy the German-African cuisine which is always a good surprise. And you will be overwhelmed by the southern hemisphere’s intense, starry night sky.

animals on the farm

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