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​ Terms & Conditions

  • All bookings must be made by e-mail.

  • Changes and cancelations to a booking must also be made by e-mail.

  • For all other bookings, a deposit in the amount of the planned accommodation costs per person must be paid (we will send you the amount of the deposit due by e-mail immediately after receipt of your booking. 

  • If NO deposit is paid, your booking will be automatically canceled.

  • The balance of the booking is due on the day of departure.

  • We do not accept checks, currently payment in cash or credit card (plus 1.5% processing fee) is possible.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • All bank charges are payable by the guest.

  • There is a safe in each room: please ensure that you lock your valuables in when you check in and that they are locked away for the duration of your stay if not in use.

  • It is possible to offer vegetarian food and we can cater for special diets for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes), as well as for people who avoid certain meats for religious reasons. Our chef must be informed of any food allergies. Please ensure that you specify these special requirements when booking as we may need to order items to suit your requirements.

​  Cancellation

  In the event of cancellation, the following parts of the payment will be retained as a cancellation fee (referring to the day of arrival): 

  • 8 weeks - 25%

  • 4 weeks - 50%

  • 2 weeks - 75% 

  • 1 week - 90% 

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