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  • Do I need a hunting license in Namibia?
    You do not need a hunting license to hunt in Namibia.
  • When is hunting time?
  • How much time do I have to plan?
    We recommend planning at least 7 days for your hunt. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the flora and fauna as well as possible and to enjoy your hunting experience to the full.
  • Can I prepare for the hunt?
    If you are inexperienced and would like to do some preparation, we recommend that you practice in a shooting cinema. In the Namibian bush savanna it is often necessary to shoot quickly. Therefore, practice quick shots in a row. This will help you in an extreme situation. Furthermore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with relevant literature about Namibia's wildlife.
  • What belongs in my luggage?
    Binoculars, flashlight, knife, photographic equipment, light safari clothing (muted colors), light footwear, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. For the cooler winter months (May-September) parka, sweater and gloves.
  • Can I rent a hunting weapon on site?
    If you do not have a suitable weapon or want to save on transport, you are welcome to use a weapon from our stock. The fee for a rental gun is €30 per day and €7 per shot fired.
  • Can I bring my own hunting weapons?
    Yes, it is possible to bring your own gun plus 40 rounds of ammunition to Namibia. However, handguns and semi-automatic weapons are not permitted in luggage. For African game you should use at least caliber 30/06. Calibers from 8 X 68 would be even better.
  • I want to hunt with a bow...
    You need compound bows and arrows for bowhunting. Please contact us about this.
  • How do my trophies get home?
    In Namibia there are some taxidermists and forwarders who have been authorized to prepare trophies for shipment. Your trophies will be professionally cared for after the hunt and transported to the taxidermist by us.
  • How is a shot billed?
    If you only shoot at the animal and it cannot be found despite a search, this is still considered a kill and will be calculated as such.
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